The Hack

The Binding of Isaac's executable (Windows) is very easily manipulated because every time it is opened it has to unpack the titles and game .SWF files. These files can be found in your AppData/Local/Temp/wrd-XXX (where the Xs are replaced with a string of numbers and letters) folder however, this is only true if the game is open, so to actually keep the file ("~swd1.dat" generally around 32mb in size) you need to copy it from the game's swap folder to a location of your choosing (just right click on the file and click "Copy" then right click in your chosen location and click "Paste". You now have the file in a place where it isn't going to disappear whenever you look away, to actually get it to be playable you must right click on it and select "Rename" and clear whatever was in the name field and replace it with "Isaac.SWF". You can now press "Enter" on your keyboard and click okay on the warning box (if you have one). The game can be launched by double clicking it. If the game does not launch like that don't worry I've got a cure for that too, first download Flash Debugger. Once you've downloaded that, KEEP IT! If my first method of opening "Isaac.SWF" didn't work for you then the file you just downloaded will be needed to open "Isaac.SWF" on your computer. Once Flash Debugger is open press "Ctrl+O" or click on "File" and then on "Open". You can now select the "Isaac.SWF" file and play it to your heart's content on your less powerful Windows computer. If you want to run it on Android you are going to have to wait for my tutorial (I'm writin' it!), or figure it out... it's really easy.

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